Quick Start Guide - Agisoft Metashape Professional


Quick Start Guide - Agisoft Metashape Professional


This thorough guide will bring you through an Agisoft Metashape Professional project from start to finish.  In addition to this, a buyer(single email address holder) is eligible for daily support emails and two scheduled phone calls up to 30 minutes.  Please note that this is included with a purchase of Agisoft Metashape Professional!

Contents include:

  • Field Procedures

  • Ground Control Points

  • Agisoft Metashape Professional Possessing.

  • File Structure.

  • Set up workspace.

  • Photo Prep.

  • Geotagging.

  • Photo Alignment

  • Georeferencing.

  • Importing GCPs.

  • Placing the GCP markers.

  • Optimize the alignment

  • Building the Dense Point Cloud.

  • Point Cloud Editing.

  • Point Cloud Classification.

  • Build DEM..

  • Exporting DEM..

  • Build Orthomosaic

  • Build Mesh

  • Build Texture

  • Exporting Point Clouds

  • Export Orthophotos


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