Good morning/afternoon, SkySurv! 

1. THANKS for your help.  I know there have been a lot of calls!!!!  If the caller wants to: speak with Kelly, has questions about software or is an existing client, please forward the call to:

            (612) 446-9007‬

2. If the caller is asking about pricing for a survey – state the minimum fee for any survey/consultation is $750(very simple project). However the fee can be several thousand for complex projects(new home construction)

3. We are currently about a week out on scheduling projects.  

4. If the caller is requesting a quote for a survey, please CAREFULLY gather the following information:

    First Name (required)

    Last Name (required)

    Email Address (required)

    Phone Number (required)

    Property Address - include city (required)

    Description of project (required)

    Do you require a survey drawing? PLEASE remind caller that this will add to the cost of the survey (required)

    Yes, and I am aware that this can increase the cost of the surveyNo, we just need to have our property corners located/set and marked in the fieldNot sure, caller needs additional information

    4. If the caller would like to leave a general message, please use the form below: