Thermal Mapping

Power line/cell tower inspections

SkySurv can detect problem areas in a transmission/distribution or communication network using aerial thermography. These issues can be addressed before a breakdown or failure causes an outage for your customers.

Solar panel inspections

When solar panels malfunction, energy efficiency of the system is affected. Manual inspections are time-consuming and sometimes cost-prohibitive. Using aerial thermography, an entire field of solar panels can be inspected efficiently, and problem areas can be addressed quickly.

Building HVAC and roof inspections

Using thermography, we can determine where there might be excess heat, or where heat might be escaping. This could be caused by several factors, includimg water intrusion, failing insulation/membrane. The larger the building, the more potential gains in efficiency of the building envelope. Percentage of roof failing vs good…….

Search And Rescue

When a person or pet is lost outdoors, timing is everything. Using a drone with a thermal imaging sensor, SkySurv can cover a large area in a short period of time, potentially saving lives.

Hazmat, Environmental Response

SkySurv can help locate and track spills of solid and liquid materials. If the spilled material is a different temperature than the ground or water on which it is spilled, it will contrast against the existing surface.This can help locate a spill,